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This Week (Monday, December 22nd, 2014)

Last Week
Draw Prize Winners are
Stuart from Australia Emre from Turkey
World Vision Donations from
Shadia from Jordan Shadia from Jordan Lukasz from Poland Lukasz from Poland Daniil from Ukraine

Two Weeks Ago
Cash Payments to
Nancy from Greece Χρυσούλα from Greece Δημήτρης from Greece denisa from Australia samantha from United States Alastair from New Zealand Rahyuanda from Indonesia David from Australia fathema from Australia Tania from Australia Anuj from Australia Stavros from Greece
Draw Prize Winners are
Stuart from United Kingdom
World Vision Donations from
Marianne from Australia

Three Weeks Ago
Draw Prize Winners are
r from India John from Germany Marie from Japan Michele from Canada xubingtao from China
World Vision Donations from
narelle from Australia calandra from Australia jeffrey from United States Julia from Russian Fed


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