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This Week (Friday, October 24th, 2014)
Draw Prize Winners are
GIn from Australia
World Vision Donations from
Shivani from United States Chikamso from Nigeria Caleb from United States Caleb from United States Siddharth from United States den from Russian Fed Firmo from Portugal

Last Week
Draw Prize Winners are
Diane from United States
World Vision Donations from
pinkey from India Bhawana from Other ΐπςσπ from USSR (former) josue from El Salvador Bhawana from Other Rachel from United Kingdom Rachel from United Kingdom pinkey from India Noval from Brazil vishva from India Rizki from Indonesia

Two Weeks Ago
Cash Payments to
Γιώργος from Greece ΝΙΚΟΛΑΟΣ from Greece Stavros from Greece Christos from Greece Andrew S from South Africa joanne from United Kingdom stephen from Ireland Silvia from Australia Jaco from South Africa
Draw Prize Winners are
Givaldo from Brazil Shannon from Australia Elizabeth from Canada Tobia from United Kingdom Wanda from France
World Vision Donations from
Karen from Australia Karen from Australia Alex from Indonesia Dmytry from Russian Fed Dmytry from Russian Fed karen from Australia

Three Weeks Ago
Draw Prize Winners are
John from United States
World Vision Donations from
igor from Croatia (Hrvatska) Cristina from Moldova Sandra from Jamaica hasan from Turkey


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