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Prizes Paid
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This Week (Monday, January 26th, 2015)
Draw Prize Winners are
Paige from United States Erin from United Kingdom
World Vision Donations from
pooja from India pooja from India pooja from India vanessa from Oman ambali from Nigeria

Last Week
Draw Prize Winners are
Ροζίνα from Greece Andre Gustavo from Brazil
World Vision Donations from
ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ from Greece

Two Weeks Ago
Draw Prize Winners are
George from Greece soheila from Germany Teresa from United States erin from United Kingdom nicole from Australia
World Vision Donations from
NIKHIL from India Andrij from Ukraine luqmanul from Malaysia wale from Niger Pawel from Poland Praveen from India Praveen from India Michael from United States Inna from Ukraine

Three Weeks Ago
Cash Payments to
Ka from Australia Βιργινία from Greece Μαρίνα from Greece kostas from Greece EMILIOS from Greece ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ from Greece Dimitris from Greece ΛΗΤΩ from Greece
Draw Prize Winners are
Jennifer from United States STAVROS from Greece
World Vision Donations from
Tanya from Russian Fed Rebecca from United Kingdom Rebecca from United Kingdom Rebecca from United Kingdom ameed from India karthika from Australia


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